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A tea for the morning, for the afternoon or for the evening? A strong or light taste? A stimulating energizing herbal tea rich in vitamins or a relaxing herbal tea? A daily tea or a tasting for important occasions?

Whatever idea brought you here, you can start an authentic journey among the best drinks and the oldest traditions.


Tea, herbal teas and infusions



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Japanese matcha

Beneficial properties of Matcha Green Tea

Superior antioxidant than any type of tea, accelerates metabolism, strengthens the immune system,

Increases concentration and memory, draining and detoxifying, increases energy or
fights fatigue, contains EGCg protection against the development of certain
types of cancer, against bad cholesterol, prevents cell anti-aging,
helps digestion, helps in case of
type 2 diabetes, defends against infections and improves mood.



Contrary to the caffeine contained in coffee, which has a more immediate effect
but which lasts less, the one found in matcha green tea, i.e. Theine is released
slower and therefore the effect is longer lasting.
L-Theanine, which makes you relaxed but at the same time active and focused and the
Beneficial effects of a single cup of matcha green tea can last up to 6 hours.

The 6 colors of Tea

The 6 colors of Tea

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